Construction of concrete pools.
In our time, no one will be surprised by the presence of a swimming pool in the territory of a villa or a private mansion. Swimming in the pool on…

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Pool construction
Most recently, a private pool was associated with a certain status of its owner, prestige and luxury. Today, the construction of swimming pools on the territory of a country house…

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Garden pond


Rivers and waterfalls are associated with “groundwater”, although in fact waterfalls are more often in the mountains and cliffs, like rivers often start from there. You can see a lot of different ground drops and not a single river flowing from there or a falling waterfall. For that, we often see them among the so-called “stone rocks”.
Do you see any hint at the connection with the ground? For that we see “stone rocks”. Pay attention to what flat plates – they are not for nothing.
There are waterfalls in the “rapids” of the river, as for example a long waterfall with the colorful name Victoria:
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Artificial ponds

Artificial pond in the park, in the garden, near the country house, in the country, brings a sense of harmony, calm and balance to our full dynamic life. Recently in Europe it has become fashionable to build ponds on private plots, and this fashion is moving to us. But if earlier the construction of artificial reservoirs was available only to the chosen, now it is within the power of everyone. The main condition – the presence of the site. Continue reading

Swimming pond construction

Your dream is to have a place to swim in your plot, but the pool doesn’t fit well with the concept of a natural garden? This is not a problem, because this is exactly what the swimming pond was invented for.
Building swimming ponds is a responsible business, but the result will not disappoint you.
First you need to determine the place, and the bigger it is, the better, because if there is enough space, you can take a place under the zone for swimming and regeneration. The regeneration zone is the area around the pond where plants will grow and with the help of which the swimming pond water will be cleaned.
If there is not enough space for the required regeneration zone, then in this case it will be necessary to use additional equipment for water purification or take out the regeneration zone, but at some distance from the navigation zone. An autonomous regeneration pond corresponds to the general landscape design and has an area of ​​two to three times less than a swimming pond. This artificial reservoir is decorated under a natural one, but it has a drain from the swimming pond, through which water flows from there, passing through the purification system here, and then again entering the swimming area with the help of pumps. Continue reading

We make an artificial reservoir
With the passage of time, artificial reservoirs that are created in the garden, in the summer cottage, are increasingly gaining popularity, since a natural reservoir of this kind is rare.…


Choosing a metal collapsible pool
Today, due to the fact that private suburban construction is taking on a very large scale, the demand for such structures as home gardens for swimming, and in particular collapsible,…


Purpose of reservoirs
According to the main purpose, water bodies are divided into: • to decorative ponds, which mainly include small and ultra-small ponds from ready-made forms. Such reservoirs completely depend on the…