How to make a pond with your own hands?
The most attractive thing in an artificial pond is, undoubtedly, its appearance and living inhabitants. The most profitable will look real or "live" pond. Living pond is an ecosystem that…

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Pool selection
Each of us dreams of a spacious and large area, which will be located comfortable and beautiful swimming pool. Very lucky in this sense, the owners of country houses or…

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certain goals

Horstail Falls

Yosemite National Park of the United States is famous for its natural landscapes, among which the Horstayl Waterfall is particularly notable, which means “Horsetail” in Russian.
The only waterfall in the world, which is distinguished by its special natural uniqueness. You can even call it a natural phenomenon.
First, we clarify that the waterfall has a seasonal character, i.e. water flows only in winter and early spring.
But, and the very uniqueness consists in the fact that its flows turn for some time into hot, burning tongues. This occurs in February, when for only a few days (from mid-February to the end of February) the sun reflects from the water surface at a certain angle. Continue reading


And how do you like this angle “rocks”:
Isn’t it like a stump like a stump that has a mold?
The scientific world attributes these stone-wooden rocks of flint life to lava, although they themselves do not believe in this by themselves. The Scientific World was created in order to create generally accepted explanations for us … the reasons why we are stripped of taxes and under the guise of research are performing restoration of scenery, as well as booty for the government of ancient technologies. Continue reading

Artificial pond. The choice of style.

If you are planning an artificial pond for a garden in the French style, then it must be very strict – this type does not allow free lines and the abundance of plants in the water or scattered stones. The main thing here is symmetry, and therefore an artificial pond should be the correct form. Such a reservoir can be “cut” into the walkway or into the lawn, if it is flush with the ground. In the first case, the path itself will be the edge of the reservoir, and in the second edge they will lay turf. Continue reading

How to organize a water purification system for a private pool
To keep the water in the pool always clean, it is necessary to apply appropriate care measures, as well as take care of the organization of an effective cleaning system.…


What are the reservoirs.
According to the design features, the water bodies are divided into: • on small and ultra-small reservoirs with a finished lining of the bottom and sides, made in the factory…


Making a pond out of the bath.
Reservoirs - one of the most spectacular and unusual design elements of the garden plot. Artificial ponds, waterfalls, pools are becoming more and more popular, because they bring harmony and…