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Homescapes – Is It Worth Buying Coins

Homescapes – Is It Worth Buying Coins


Everybody loves a good puzzle games. The game that will make your mind spin and think for a while. One of the best puzzle games on the google play is Gardenscapes. It is downloaded by millions of Homescapes cheats people around the world and has been one of the best puzzle games of all. The company that work the game, which is Playrix games has made another game called Homescapes and here is the review.

While these complaints are far from game-ruining, they point to the general issue with Homescapes at the moment: it’s simply not as good as Gardenscapes. Granted, Gardenscapes has benefited from a year of regular content updates and fixes which Homescapes will almost certainly receive in the coming months—and the daily prize wheel is reportedly planned for one of those updates. But Homescapes arguably should have launched with the extras that have made Gardenscapes the extraordinary game it is today and improved upon its shortcomings, such as the extremely low coin rewards and the lack of any permanent in-app purchases. Instead, Homescapes was released in a bit of a black hole as if it had no predecessor to learn from.

The result is still a wonderful match-3 slash simulation game that scratches all the same itches as Gardenscapes but in an entirely new environment. If you’ve conquered Gardenscapes and are looking for a new version review of roughly the same experience, Homescapes is a must-play. But newcomers to the series should stick to Gardenscapes for now, at least until Homescapes catches up to all the updates and enhancements of the original.