Reservoirs in landscape design
From the most ancient times, water was very important for people, as the source of all life on earth. Already in ancient times, people used artificial reservoirs for irrigation of…

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Artificial ponds
Artificial pond in the park, in the garden, near the country house, in the country, brings a sense of harmony, calm and balance to our full dynamic life. Recently in…

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Monthly Archives: October 2018

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Alibek waterfall

Alibek waterfall – one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in Dombay, located in Karachay-Cherkessia (Russia). The height of the waterfall is more than 25 meters. The waterfall is formed by the fall of the Dzhalovchatka river from the Alibek Glacier; stones from which water falls are called “lamb foreheads.”
Alibek waterfall appeared in the XX century. Back in the 1930s there was no waterfall, and the rocky scarp was covered with the language of the Alibek glacier, which every year retreats up to a meter and a half. Continue reading

The unique Bigar waterfall in the west of Romania

One of the most mysterious, picturesque, unusual and unique natural parts of Romania can be called Bigar waterfall.
The uniqueness of this natural wonder is not in power or impressive height, but in its unusual form. In addition, in 2013, The World Geography magazine published a rating of the Eight Most Amazing Waterfalls of the World, where the Bigar Falls took the first place of honor. Continue reading

Benevskie or Elomovskie waterfalls in the Primorsky Territory of Russia

The beginning of these famous picturesque water cascades of the Primorsky Territory are taken from the Przhevalsky ridge, which is located between the two mountain rivers Partizanskaya and Kievka.
One of the names of these waterfalls – Benevskie comes from the name of the village (Benevskoe), which is located not far from this corner of nature.
The second name, Elomovskiye waterfalls, was received from the Elomovsky spring, which is used to feed water. The Elomovsky spring itself is formed from two sources, located on the highest peaks of the Przhevalsky mountains – Lysa and Belaya. Continue reading

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