How to make a pond with your own hands?
The most attractive thing in an artificial pond is, undoubtedly, its appearance and living inhabitants. The most profitable will look real or "live" pond. Living pond is an ecosystem that…

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Artificial ponds
Artificial pond in the park, in the garden, near the country house, in the country, brings a sense of harmony, calm and balance to our full dynamic life. Recently in…

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Rivers and waterfalls are associated with “groundwater”, although in fact waterfalls are more often in the mountains and cliffs, like rivers often start from there. You can see a lot of different ground drops and not a single river flowing from there or a falling waterfall. For that, we often see them among the so-called “stone rocks”.
Do you see any hint at the connection with the ground? For that we see “stone rocks”. Pay attention to what flat plates – they are not for nothing.
There are waterfalls in the “rapids” of the river, as for example a long waterfall with the colorful name Victoria:
Niagara: I will not argue about this type of waterfalls and is not discussed in this publication.
Iguazu Falls or as it is also called the “Devil’s Throat”, which is located in Brazil, could be considered the same type:
But these flat steps of the plates again attract attention:
And there are a number of waterfalls that do not fit into the generally accepted concept at all, and they say little about this fact:
This is the highest Angel Falls.
The length of the highest waterfall in the world is about one kilometer. The flow of water falls continuously from a height of about 979 meters, 51 meters more than that of Niagara Falls. This is the Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela. It was named after the American pilot, James Angel, who opened it in 1937, flying over these places.
It is interesting to us because it falls from the very “cliff”.
Do you see signs of soil here? Alone “rock”. But the same associations were instilled in us by “precipitation” and “groundwater”, which somewhat disoriented in the right perception. If not to say completely.
Kukenan Falls: and again we see an amazing case, because of what it would be necessary to scream “fiction!”, If you take the generally accepted concept as a basis. Waterfalls and from the rock itself, namely from its tips! Such a small space, as in order to write off the precipitation. No soil, only “rock”. Where is? Also in Venezuela. And there are a lot of interesting things:
and it is not surprising that this place was opened in front of us and they write about it “Tepui is the only place on earth where no man’s foot has gone.”There is an image that we, like chickens in a barn, live under slate – until this slate hail blows, we will think that this is heaven. In thinking from the hens, we really did not go far. In terms of parameters – in comparison with the past, we are not even ants.
What will happen to the grapes if it is cut? That’s right, it will start flowing:
Many of you are absolutely right who already guesses that I connect waterfalls and many rivers with “flint life”. And those who wish with a nose to lead “a new and exotic hypothesis, which was introduced as a fashion, and therefore implausible” … I would not want to upset you, but in the times of the Union they also spoke of “flint life”. Naturally in the highest circles. It means to us, commoners, were given out only school textbooks, while the elite had small editions with books marked “strictly for official use only”. And from time to time, one of us will get acquainted with the son of the oligarch, and this friendship book will be given to read.
This book is rich in illustrations and on the “flint life” far and wide painted. In addition to the “flint life” there it is about the planetary power. About underground cities. About the technologies of the past that are superior to ours. About Giants, and in different sizes. Here you are, the elite have undistorted knowledge of the world in easy access. And what they give us? Those in which they themselves do not believe, for that they made the society believe in them.
You can see for yourself by arming yourself with a search engine and specifying the desired search parameters “stem mountains” and “waterfalls”, then go to the “photos” item and you will see that the generally accepted, which was imposed on us, worldview and how it really is , these are completely different things.
You will see these large streams that fall from the very top of the “rocks”.
According to the generally accepted concept, this is not possible. On flint – everything is logical.
But only a reasonable question arises, because the dead and dried trees do not flow … when does it turn out that the flint life was destroyed, since these “rocks” are still alive? Is flint life dying or being reborn?

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