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How to make a pool.
Rest by the water, perhaps the best that you can think of on hot summer days. And if the reservoir is also located at a distance of a hundred steps…

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Wildlife reservoirs
The fauna of reservoirs in its habitat is divided into two main groups. The first is zooplankton, and the second is benthos. Zooplankton lives directly in the water column, and…

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Fish ponds

An artificial reservoir designed for breeding fish must comply with very many standards necessary for its normal functioning, and accordingly, for the sustenance of fish, their growth and reproduction. An artificial fish pond, if it is located on the territory of private property, performs not only an economic function, but also an aesthetic one, and must fit into the surrounding landscape. It is better to have it close to the house, in the recreation area, in the garden, but you need to make sure that the place is not too shaded. Continue reading

We make an artificial reservoir

With the passage of time, artificial reservoirs that are created in the garden, in the summer cottage, are increasingly gaining popularity, since a natural reservoir of this kind is rare. Glitter, gurgling water helps to relax and rest from the hustle and bustle. And then it is not so important what type of reservoir you choose – a decorative garden pond, an artificial pond for fish farming or a pond for swimming – in any case, an artificial pond becomes the main element of the garden landscape. Continue reading

Artificial Pond and Feng Shui

According to feng shui, a popular Eastern doctrine about the energy of the four elements, water is a symbol of wisdom, and the one who lives next to water fills with wisdom and learns to live without conflicts and disputes, finding more flexible solutions to problems.
Water has the ability to quickly bring prosperity to the house, so before it was important to settle near natural sources of water and properly position your home, but now we have the opportunity to bring water to ourselves and create a garden in which there will be an artificial pond. Continue reading

Reservoirs and their history

Now an artificial reservoir, a decorative pond on a private plot is a common phenomenon, but once it was a rarity and the privilege of very wealthy people. Decorative ponds, as well as swimming ponds, experienced their own ups and downs. Let us consider how the history of artificial reservoirs began.
From ancient times to the present day, mankind always lives near water, which is our source of life. Be sure to close to the settlements had to be a river, lake or other body of water. This is understandable, since with the help of water people solved most of their everyday problems. The running water of the rivers was used, for example, for mills, and the hostess washed clothes in running water. Water was used for swimming, for cooking and other household needs, which over time became more and more. Continue reading

Pond near the house

A pond in the country, on the plot, near the house – the dream of many owners. A decorative pond is not only and not so much a tribute to fashion as that detail of your landscape design, which will give you a lot of positive emotions.
Water is the source of all life on earth. Water has always attracted man, soothed and relaxed, letting her forget about life problems.
It is easy to imagine how positive an artificial pond will have on the human nervous system in a country house or in a garden near the house, because, having come from work or having arrived at the country house to have a rest, we just have to go outside to get a charge of positive emotions.
If you want to have a pond in the country and in your own home, then this is quite realistic. As they say, there would be a desire. But you need to know how the construction of ponds takes place in order to understand where to start. Continue reading

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