most spectacular and unusual design elements

Benevskie or Elomovskie waterfalls in the Primorsky Territory of Russia
The beginning of these famous picturesque water cascades of the Primorsky Territory are taken from the Przhevalsky ridge, which is located between the two mountain rivers Partizanskaya and Kievka. One…

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Selection and installation of pavilions for pools
In recent years, the construction of swimming pools is gaining increasing popularity. Many people want to have their own pool at their villa, a villa outside the city. This desire…

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Organization of lighting in the pool

Many owners of country houses dream of a pool, and some lucky ones already have it. If you are just willing to build it, then we advise you to order a swimming pool design on These people probably pool is the most favorite vacation spot on the entire site. And if there is a well-chosen lighting, the pool can be made a very interesting and mysterious corner. Continue reading

Sheet piling during the construction of ponds

There can be nothing better than a small private pond near the house. It will give originality to your site, will help to lighten the mood in the hours of sadness and will inevitably become a favorite vacation spot.
If you dream of a pond, building a pond at the site will not be a problem. A large number of companies and private landscape designers provide such services. Continue reading

Slides for pools: the basic rules of choice

Pool slides are entertainment that will be appreciated by both adults and children. Such products are made based on the use of quality materials that have characteristics such as resistance to high levels of humidity and strength. Such an attraction is offered as an additional equipment to the pool and will give its owners a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions. Continue reading

Pool selection

Each of us dreams of a spacious and large area, which will be located comfortable and beautiful swimming pool. Very lucky in this sense, the owners of country houses or just summer residents who already have such plots. That they have such a unique opportunity. But often they can not decide on the choice of the pool. Continue reading

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Wildlife reservoirs
The fauna of reservoirs in its habitat is divided into two main groups. The first is zooplankton, and the second is benthos. Zooplankton lives directly in the water column, and…


Water Treatment Equipment
It so happened that for most people, proper rest means a more or less close contact with water, because water for us has been a necessary condition for life itself…


Rivers and waterfalls are associated with "groundwater", although in fact waterfalls are more often in the mountains and cliffs, like rivers often start from there. You can see a lot…