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Cities with the best street foods in the world


Cities with the best street foods in the world

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As people love to eat, we have tried to give some of the must visit places just for their food culture


  • Bangkok, Thailand


Along with the bustling nightlife, Bangkok also provides the people with great food. You can hear the sizzle of the work when you travel in the markets with the rich smell of Asian cuisine. You have to taste the fragrant rice and poached chicken and other dishes like Phad Thai noodles etc.


  • Tokyo, Japan


Japan is known for its treats, rice and seafood dishes. You can taste amazing street sushi and different types of grilled food. Japanese people are known for using the freshest of things available, and they will fill your stomach.


  • Istanbul, Turkey


The rich smell of well-cooked meat and freshly made bread fills the markets here. You have to taste the limit which is a delicious dessert. You can get several types of kebabs and also wrap them in bread. You can also taste other dishes like lahmacun and Turkish ice creams.


  • Mumbai, India


Indian food is flavourful and spicy, and it is known throughout the world. The big city of Mumbai is dotted with several street vendors who sell delicacies like vada pao and pau bhaji. You can get cuisine from all over India in the city. Some must try dishes are pani puri, lassi, biryani, kebabs, etc.


  • Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam


Vietnam’s food is colorful, and they are known for their adverse use of vegetables and meat. Eating pho of different kinds is equal to an adventure in Vietnam. Other delicacies like Banh Mi sandwiches and grilled pork will bring water to your mouth.


  • Miami, United States


The city of beaches is quite famous for its nightlife and mouth-watering food; you can easily grab a hot dog or Cuban sandwich on your way to fill your appetite. You can get a range of Cuban food in their market. Partying and eating will keep you up all night.


  • Beijing, China


Along with the beautiful sesame rich Chinese cuisine, you can feel daring to taste different kinds of meat here. It may range from frog to snake to anything you may fancy. The steamy noodles can fill you up good.


You can easily visit these places if you have a haunch for traveling and eating. People who aren’t used to eating out should always have precautions ready and should eat moderately as most of the street foods aren’t prepared in the healthiest way.